Our Story

We were inspired by a group of retired New York City Firemen that started the Long Beach Waterfront Warriors.  They introduced us to many staff members and patients at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D. C.  This is where many severely injured military servicemen and women went upon return from the Middle East.  The average stay is two years.   Walter Reed Army Medical Center closed in August, 2011 and patients were transferred to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital in VA.

So many of these men and women come home from war struggling with medical, psychological, and financial difficulties.  The West Palm Beach Waterfront Warriors provides them with a fun, free vacation with their families.

We also do whatever we can to connect these heroes with any services, institutions or information they need.  West Palm Beach is a warm, giving community blessed with one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and waterfronts.  We wish to show our gratitude to our brave men and women in uniform who have given so selflessly in the cause of our freedom.

The Long Beach Waterfront Warriors have generously offered their assistance and funding toward the development of the West Palm Beach Waterfront Warriors.   They frequently visit recovering and new patients to offer their assistance.   Our thanks to them cannot be overstated.  We are not affiliated with the Wounded Warrior Project.